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Woman in the C-Suite and Tired of Hearing: “Love Will Come When You’re Not Looking”?

I mentor single CEOs and other high achieving women just like you to set a new standard and be found by a soulmate in weeks 




Nothing is more costly emotionally and financially than being stuck in dating and love. Dating is easy and natural—unless it isn’t. And this is especially true for CEOs, CFOs, CHROs and other women at C-Suite level. Once we’re stuck, there are thousands of tips waiting. But our situation is unique. And when something in us sabotages, no amount of tips will help. We almost start to believe dating is hard and should take long.

I say, dating should be romantic, magical, and with a happy end in sight.

If our dates are not decent men, stable, inspiring, and on our level emotionally, mentally, and career-wise, we shouldn’t be allowing that in our life. Wouldn’t you prefer to meet great men who inspire you, see you, and you can imagine yourself sharing your life with?

You’re not alone. Millions of high level women are stuck in dating, spending way too much time on apps, and my mission is to get you meeting the right men.

Hi, I’m Klara

Single women in the C-Suite join my program to find the love of their life so they can craft the relationship of their dreams and enjoy epic love and live fully expressed in every area of their life. My strategies are designed for women who love investing in themselves with mindset training, PT’s, business mentors and are now ready to get top level support to reach their love goals.

I believe the future is feminine, and women can do anything and be anything – including being found by an amazing man!


This is for CEOs and other C-Suite level women wanting a long-term relationship or marriage, who are clear that the way they’re dating now isn’t working. A soulmate isn’t just the person we’re married to, or the person we’re intimate with; he’s our best friend. Someone who sees us, knows us, is there for us, and feels like a warm, safe, and inspiring place to be.

He’s on the dating app, but you’re not seeing him on your timeline. The real reason? It’s not you. Not gthat you’re too powerful. There simply are way more men on the apps then women, and you didn’t figure out how to let the algorithm favour you.

For me, finding love came too late to have kids. This made me passionate to find a way to crack the code for all the women who come after me.


The first thing I realized is that all the frustration we outcome oriented leaders experience in dating—from never even attracting a great guy, to not finding a man ready to commit, and everything in between—comes down to blocking the journey from stranger to soulmate.

Seeing that, I understood I needed to get crystal clear on what exactly will keep the dating journey moving forward for us gogetters. This was the start of a new business: mentoring  women in the C-Suite to find lasting love and longterm relationship or marriage.

I use a unique “done-with-you” concept where you do the dating following my proven plan and with me as mentor and support. The results: a stunning 80% successrate – vs the 4% that the stats give us. Meaning, as you allow yourself to lean into this proven system, you find you can focus on receiving his attentions, expressing yourself and your love more fully, and being met emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Love can come as quick as 8 weeks. Are you ready to take the challenge and be the next success story?


My clients are CEOs, CFOs, CHROs, other women in the C-Suite, doctors, lawyers, architects, entrepreneurs and other high level adventurers, willing to let go what isn’t working and risk showing up more authentically, more vulnerably, yet more powerfully —  aware that that’s exactly what attracts him and keeps him in like nothing else. They thank this system for bringing the magic and romance back to dating and their lives.

This is for adventurous, confident and successful women leaders looking for a high end solution that takes all the guessing out of the equation and puts them in the driver’s seat of their love life.

Ready to leave the hell of dating-stuckness behind and move into your dream love and life now? Apply to work with us here. After filling out the quick form you will hear from us and if you’re a fit, we will have a 30 to 60 min. in depth chat to see if you would be a good fit and which package would fit you. No obligations – but what an opportunity!



My approach is completely new and unorthodox, in fact one of my clients who was found by an amazing guy within 8 weeks recently said: “In the beginning, I thought where is this going… but I trusted, followed the steps and it couldn’t have worked out better. I am a new woman, more vibrant and alive, and the very first man I responded to after the initial 2 weeks break is now my partner”.

I use a unique “done-with-you” concept where you do the dating following my proven plan – intimately mentored and supported by me. It fits well with the committed action takers in the C-Suite. I regularly give masterclasses to share this new concept. Check here if there’s one coming up soon:

We have loads of raving reviews, as like every two weeks a sister gets claimed by an amazing man. However, my clients care about their privacy, to meet more real women, watch live interviews, read celebrations come into my facebookgroup The Art Of A Relationship You Love.

Marina, Head Research and Innovation.
My message to you after finding soulmate in 8 weeks:

Claire, Head Marketing.
It’s been absolutely transformational – and found my man.

Suze, Project Leader NGO.
More love in every area of my life – and feeling whole & feminine.

“Best decision ever. A quantum leap in my growth, Klara is a genius at finding the crack in the wall and showing the doorway to freedom. My newly found partner keeps raving about how magical life is with me, and it’s all thanks to what I learned here.”

“I had no idea there was so much I was doing on auto pilot that was actually scaring men away. I own my space now in a way I always wanted… saying my truth in ways like I never thought possible. My new partner loves it, we just bought our first house.”

“At first the idea of a proven plan sounded like it would kill the romance and make me feel unnatural. But quite the opposite happened, this is more like a framework to become free, heart soul and mind. Over the moon with my new love!”

Daniela, Data Engineer.
In-depth 40 min. interview on the journey with Klara’s 5 Step Dating At The Top Plan. Warning: her happiness is contagious!


Who is this for?

You’re a single woman in the C-Suite or similar and tired of hearing: “love will come when you’re not looking”

You’re in your thirties and wanting the full package: love, partner, family and kids

You want epic, legendary, adventurous love.

You are excited and ready to step into even more aligned expression and authenticity.

You’re dedicated to your personal and professional growth journey.

You are willing to do the work and you love making stuff happen!

You know that in you lives a Goddess and you’re here to create your wonderful and unique impact and a big part of that is the relationship you’re here to enjoy.

Who is this not for?

Someone looking for a quick fix, magical wand solution, how-to handbook, or tips-and-more-tips program.  

Someone unwilling to invest time, money, and energy into yourself, your love relationship or your life.

Someone who thinks that doing more of the same is going to get you different results. 

Someone who avoids, postpones and delays decision making and risk taking and believes her own excuses.

Someone who wants to learn to change or control other people, or lives in blame or victim thinking.

What will this look like?

Week 1: soulful inner work and practices with family, close friends and trusted colleagues that leaves you brimming with love, clarity, and confidence.

Week 2: taking off the glasses of gloom and looking at men with fresh eyes; they are pretty amazing beings, after all. Then learning new, authentic ways to instantly create connection with a man—without the pressure of dating (yet)

Week 3: (re)write your dating profile, and all that new vibrancy, love, and abundance will be shooting off the screen, making you irresistible and signaling to the algorithms to start sending the top guys to you (instead of to anyone else). Learning how to ignite soul connection and be authentic. Having mindblowing first dates. The actual romance and excitement of dating begins.

Week 4 -8: Deepening soul connection. Bonding from the heart. When you’re ready, building a foundation for a shared future. Allowing your heart to guide you into who is good for you and who not. Taking new risks as you show up more vulnerable and more powerful than ever. Receiving surprise after surprise as you see how differently men respond to you now – building up trust in this new presence and interaction. Unapologetically enjoying the attention, how he looks at you, being amazed as the miracle of a soulmate appearing happens for you too. Intense gratitude for your sisters, this journey, life, love and where you are now.

Twice a week 90 minutes Q&A, which is code for Queens of Amor, and getting 1on1 support in small group setting. Discovering new opportunities, unleashing hidden powers, moving beyond limiting beliefs.

Unique, powerful real life practices supported by hours and hours of trainings and meditations. You will be guided step by step through the dating journey, at each step unleashing the exact powers and learning the exact skills to keep the journey moving forward and build momentum.

Count on 30 min. per day meditations and 5 –  6 hours per week for trainings, and 24/24 for the practices – but that IS your life, you don’t need to plan that in 🙂 This has been planned with professional women in mind so this can be done around a regular work rhythm.

Private chatline with me, getting response usually within 24 hours on weekdays and 72 in weekend, sisterhood experience through private facebookgroup, 2 extra 1 on 1 sessions just you and me, and much much more. My focus is to get you shining with love and abundance and loved up on the daily by an amazing man, soulmate and partner for life, and you will step here into a concept that makes this happen again and again.


How can you know the right man will show up for me in such a short time?

Great question, and rationally speaking, I can’t. But you will be freeing up so much love and abundance in and around you, this will blast to every corner of the universe and as a response better men get sent to you. And because of how you learn to date, every date will release more love and abundance – even if it’s not the right one straight away – meaning the energy just gets stronger and stronger until the right one manifests – usually within weeks or months.

And if this is too woo-woo for you, we do teach you the exact skills to influence the algorithms, and get them to send you the top guys now. When you show up 100% committed and action taking, follow the plan and open up to mentoring, I see an 80% successrate for my clients within 8 weeks to 6 months – and the more you show up, the higher that number becomes.

What if my soulmate doesn't come in 8 weeks?

Some of the most amazing marriages started after the 8 weeks. Some clients simply take a bit longer to get the swing or still need to free themselves from entanglements. You have lifetime access to all the practices, trainings and meditations, that is as long as the program exists. There is an alumni group to get support to keep your mindset up. Keep the energy high, keep doing the program, get an accountability partner and most likely he will be with you within weeks or months.

When you’re on fire after the 8 weeks, manifestation is happening rapidly and you want to MASTER this stuff, then you might be invited to the 6 months MasterHeart program.

We also have an 8 week followup program to guide you through the tender beginning stages of a relationship – so we will never leave you unsupported on this new journey.

What support is there once I found my soulmate?

First of all, congrats, you proved again that with a system and support, a woman can do anything and be anything – uncluding being found by an amazing man! After the 8 weeks end you still have lifetime access, as long as this program exists, and to the most updated version. I am always touched when clients tell me years later they still do my meditations daily – and notice the difference when they have to skip a week.

We also have followup programs for those who found their partner and are wanting  extra guidance through the first tender stages, and for badass rockstars who feel they’re on to something and want to master this stuff.

What is the investment level?

This is a high-end service offering an out-of-the-books outcome. Though we are confident in our 80% successrate, we’re always aware of the total shift this means to the trajectorary of a life.

Knowing that a small thing like freezing your eggs starts at € 5,000 plus yearly costs, and only 50 – 70% successrate,  and that standard matching services with successrates that equal ours start at € 100,000 for a yearlong membership, we are amazingly affordable thanks to the unique done-with-you concept. Depending on the package and level of personalized service,  investment levels start at € 8,000 and go up into 5 figures (VAT may apply). That’s about a smoothie per day for the time you will most likely be with your partner.

For both the clients who didn’t find their partner yet and those who found him already, in an exit interview after 8 weeks 95% of our clients say they got great value for their money and are forever grateful they took this journey.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Compare it to having surgery. No one can control life, and a surgeon doesn’t give you money back. I want you to succeed, and I want you to have skin in the game. My guarantee is that when you keep talking to all the wrong guys, using strategies that have clearly not worked, you will get the same results you got.

That said, we do honor the legal 14 day cooling down period for online purchases. Know that the modules that have already been opened to you are not refundable even within the 14 days. Life is a risk, and who wants to bet on the 4% average successrate for single women over 35 to find a man within 6 months?

How do I know if this will work for me?

This does not work for everyone. It’s a done-with-you concept that asks you show up 100% committed and action taking. You need to be willing to follow the plan and be mentored. The good thing, finding a great man no longer depends on looks, age, past experiences, or any other outer things. The best thing, you come out a more fully expressed version of yourself, with a man who matches and meets the full you. We will help you check if you truly fit the boxes, that’s why we ask everyone who wants this to have a  Strategy Session with us first. We want everyone to be successful.

How do I sign up?

Great question and we love action takers. Hit the button below, fill out the quick form and it’s our aim to respond within 24 hours on weekdays.

What will happen next: if we’re not a good fit, we will honestly tell you, and if we feel you could be a good candidate, we will invite you for a 30 – 60 min. 1on1 call with Klara for a last check. In that call you can also go over which package is best for you. If everything fits and you feel ready, you can sign up there and then and start the very same day, entering your future of love and abundance.

Hit the button below now and let’s get this rolling.


“After having tried coaching, matchmakers, and a string of coffee dates, I was ready to give up. But then I came across Klara and felt an instant click. The process guided me to make steps I had long wanted to make, like expressing my vulnerability more. Every week the journey continued, new aspects, and it was magical to feel how men responded and the new interactions that evolved. It’s like building the bridge while you’re crossing it, and suddenly I was at the other side, in a committed relationship. Forever grateful.”