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Lovers don’t’ finally meet somewhere.

They’re in each other all along


The quest to love for a powerful outcome oriented woman has 4 ordeals, and you can’t continue to the next stage until you pass the ordeal. But when you do meet them, love comes running.

We CEOS and other C-Suite professionals are high level problem solvers, go getters, outcome driven achievers. We are not afraid to take a hurdle in our path. We tend to date that way – naturally – but so far, it has only scared men away and coaches tell us to stop doing it, “be more feminine”, which they translate as leaning back, being the fish instead of the fisherman. Many coaches themselves flinch when they have a target on their head, and they are actually putting their limitation onto us.

The result is incredibly painful for many of us: being stuck in dating for years, missing out on our chance to have family and kids with a man, losing our sense of agency and starting to think our power is to blame. Or chasing the chemistry, having sex too early and with the wrong ones, getting hurt again and again. Or both.

I say, the problem is not we are committed problem solvers, action takers, go getters and outcome driven successful achievers – the problem is nobody ever taught us which are the problems to solve.

Once we learn which are the problems to focus on, our gift, commitment, guts and experience will come in incredibly handy, and in fact, my clients have shown over the past 3 years again and again that this leads to us finding a true soulmate and life partner, a beloved, partner and friend, in a timespan that is unheard of: 8 to 12 weeks. Even during lockdown. In fact, during the first weeks of lockdown in Europe in March 2020, which to many seemed like an impossible time to date, 7 out of 10 women in my program got into dating an amazing man and mutually being totally in to each other.

Cherish your uncanny gift to solve problems. Honor your commitment and guts. But stop trying to fix him or “the date”. Invest in learning what are the problems that need to be solved, what is the hurdle to be taken. It will let your self-confidence soar, you will feel more feminine than ever WITHOUT giving up on yourself, you will feel whole, your work will jump to a new level of flow and ease and yes, you will attract an amazing man, have delicious sparks, bond for life, and build a future together.

I will share here the vision, strategy and tips of we have been getting these astounding results.

You have grown beyond your mother’s expectation. Beyond your friends’ expectation. Beyond your boss’ expectation. You are leading the pack, as CEO, CFO, doctor, lawyer or similar, and you are looking for the vision, strategy and mentor to get you the final piece of the puzzle: the magic of true love, a partner at your level who is also your soulmate, kids and family. You are tired of coaches telling you your power and action taking would be the problem. Look no further, and discover how it’s done. If even during lockdown 7 our of 10 CEOs could find their future partner with this strategy, you know you’ve got gold in your hands.

I am Dr. Klara Adalena, and when I was in my thirties and moving towards being a Professor in Theoretical Physics, I was stuck in finding a lifepartner and gave up on my career. It took me over 20 years to find the answer, and I am committed now no woman has to choose between success and love. Realizing that the answer could never be found within a culture that sees success and love as opposites from the start, I spent the first 15 years exploring ancient cultures connected to Mother Earth and filled with Goddesses and feminine wisdom. I shared my findings in a book, retreats and trainings. Women were hungry for it. After 15 years I was ready to close the circle and developed an 8 week outcome oriented mentoring program to help CEOs and other hyper successful achievers find true love and an amazing partner.

I had been running the program for 3 years on a small scale with amazing success – over 80% of women who committed to the program the full 8 weeks found their beloved soulmate and went on to build amazing relationships, even if they had been stuck in dating before. Then corona and national lockdowns hit the world. My strategies are strong on online dating, and I doubled down to make sure the women in my program at that time would not be duped. We morphed into “Social Distanced Dating”. Then one Q&A, 3 weeks into the lockdown, I realized that 7 of the 10 CEOs and other leaders at that moment in my program had indeed manifested an amazing man that they saw themselves growing old with. To be clear, some of these women were 8 weeks in my program by then, others just a few weeks. 7 out of 10. For women who had come to me because they were stuck in dating and had tried everything else.

Not only had they found amazing partners at their level, but 10 out of 10 reported having major breakthroughs in their inner process and work.

These results are so stunning that I knew the time had come to write this eBook and share this with a wider audience. As CEO, you worked hard for your success. It’s a lie that now you would be too strong for a man, and here’s the vision, strategy and tips to get you completing your vision of life and love and have it all. We were always meant for that.

Klara Adalena

3 April 2020

Foreword from my new book: “THE FEMALE SENSATION – The Revolutionary Roadmap To LOve For Women In The C-Suite”. To be launched one of these days, stay tuned!