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Today I Rise

corporate women on fire’s 2021 intensive ❤️‍🔥

Break through limiting beliefs, find sisterhood and create an extraordinary legacy of love & impact

Do you feel it?

Right now many women CEOs and other women in c-suite are leading their teams with heart yet feeling insufficient. Wanting to do more. Knowing there’s a different way. Craving the feminine. Be of meaning for your team, department or company. Inspire, guide to deal with fears, loneliness and insecurities. Maybe you yourself struggle with fears and insecurities too. Limiting beliefs that hold you back.

Yet maybe another side of you is awakening. The woman, the warrior, the creatrix, the healer, the wise one. The one that knows there’s a way through and you will find it. The one that feels this is the time to rise and have a voice and stand in your feminine power.

Dear leader, dear sister, the time to play small and fit in is over. Your unique gifts and talents as a woman matter more than ever. You, as the woman in a leading position, can make the difference. This is your moment to rise. To take the opportunities hidden in this challenging time. To bring out the best in your people. To bring love in this time of transformation.

Now only for € 247,- normally € 997,-
Your investment just 50 euro per day

The priestess, the warrior, the creatrix, the healer, the wise one…
Women rise in times of challenge!

–  Klara Adalena

Is this you?

⭐ You feel restless within because you want to make a difference NOW
⭐ At the same time, you are positive and trusting
⭐ You crave the feminine in love, life and career
⭐ You’re ready to grow beyond overwhelmed
⭐ You want to help others grow and stand
⭐ You know we women are capable of anything
⭐ You have a fire within you to bring love and be love
⭐ You want heart, care, connection for your people and yourself
⭐ You are done with playing small and ready to be the change
⭐ You know heart-centered connections keep the world together
⭐ You want to offer support and have support yourself
⭐ You are ready to break through any belief holding you back

This time needs us women stepping into our power! Raw, vulnerable, no excuses.

Who would have thought that 2020 would evolve the way it did? Not you and not me. This year shows us more than ever how little influence we have on the things that happen around us. Yet we do have influence. By meeting the waves and standing in the eye of the storm, listening to your inner wisdom, you inspire and lead.

As executive your team, department or company looks up to you to turn crisis into opportunity. You know you have it in you and you are determined to be part of the solution. You know it’s about love and the quality of relationships, private and at work. You know you can trust that knowing, yet old beliefs are keeping you small.

We don’t know what the future will bring. But leaders rise in times of unrest. They trust their inner compass and get support. This is the moment we can choose to act from fear and panic – or from trust and a desire for a shift towards the heart. To rise with awareness, impact and leadership.

Early-bird special offer € 97,- normally € 997,-
Your investment just 20 euro per day


“There is a concerted call for more women leaders because the rampant behaviour of out-of-control masculine energies cannot be tolerated any longer.”

–  Deepak Chopra

The world needs you now!

Much is happening.
Much is possible.
You create your reality and it is up to you what you set in motion now.

You can lean back.
Do nothing.
Wait it out and tell yourself you’re OK.

Meanwhile saying to whoever wants to hear that the world is doomed and the end close by.

Or you can create amazing things.
Share your wisdom.
Stand in your heart.

Embrace the feminine.

Don’t look at the world with cold contempt.
Look with curiosity and love.
Openness and concern.

Look at yourself in the mirror.

Your people need you now more than ever.
Not just to create revenue.
To break through loneliness and have love and hope.

Relationships are everything.
Together women are a force of nature.
Now is the moment to rise.

Let’s make sure that 5 years from now we can say:

Wow, corona was the trigger we needed
there’s more heart, connection and love than ever!

Now only for € 247,- normally € 997,-
Your investment just 50 euro per day

Time to rise!
Time to go within, break through beliefs and embrace the opportunities this moment offers!


Stand in Leadership With Love & Impact

Feminine leadership is not scary, but we tell ourselves the wrong stories. That time is now over!

In Rise we are going to take 5 days to Dream, Focus, Face our Fears, Make It Happen and Rise! We leave behind doubts and second guessing and together we start moving. Obstacles and fears from the past we welcome and meet… and surpass. With focus and fire we break through old barriers and rise – from the heart.

We are going to raise energy and step into our passion and create a powerful container of love and focus to move beyond old hurdles and step into the light as the woman and leader you are. Whether your team meetings are live or online, you can be the one your people are waiting for. The one that reconnects them to love and their heart, to light and hope. Each meeting, each conversation can mean the difference between suffering and thriving.

You don’t need to wait for changes in company policies, within any organisation you can be free to share your wisdom and light, heart and passion. We’re going to get you moving, build momentum, and create some waves now.

In 5 days you get into peak state and break through beliefs that held you down for years

Now only for € 247,- normally € 997,-
Your investment just 50 euro per day

After 5 days:

❤️ You are in peak state, trusting your heart to lead and show the way
❤️ You have energy and momentum
❤️ The people who depend on you relax, trust and get empowered
❤️ You align with your truths and desires
❤️ You are a lighthouse radiating light
❤️ You get out of your mind and into your heart

❤️ ❤️ You feel unstoppable & ready to take on the world

5 days of being on fire!

Each day new inspirations and exercises

Each day more focus and energy

Daily sharings and sisterhood


Connecting to other c-suite leaders and having supportive sisterhood (you’re not alone)

Each day a high energy Kickoff in Klara’s one in a million style

Playbook-for-the-day taking you on a journey beyond limitations

Each day you reconnect more to possibility and your truths

Each day you get more clarity on the woman you are


Each day music tips for your soul

Focus Session with Hot Seat

Exciting Obstacles Session with Hot Seat

5 Days, one process, big transformation


Energy, passion and clarity like never before

Clarity why the standard pushy focus method is exhausting and unsustainable (it isn’t you)

Ready to meet the world head on, heart open… and rise!

Now only for € 247,- normally € 997,-
Your investment just 50 euro per day

For every young c-suite woman who wants to rise now

✅ Powerful container to break through limiting beliefs without exhausting yourself
✅ Meditations to come out of your mind and into your heart and body
✅ Experience the power of sisterhood
✅ Including daily kick-offs and energy builders
✅ Practical, daily support on strengthening relationships NOW
✅ Becoming an inspiration and a lighthouse in these confusing times
✅ Becoming MORE yourself, heart centered and focused as fear is storming through the world
✅ Focus to step out of doubt into your greatness
✅ Put on those wings that sisterhood gives

NOTE: the whole program will be in our closed Facebook group Rise. This is to guarantee optimal focus and sisterhood.

The most powerful 5 day intensive for young, audacious corporate women ever!

It’s the western woman that will free the world ~ Dalai Lama

Breakthrough is NOT for you if:

❌ You don’t have a team, department, company or organization you are responsible for
❌ You don’t believe that this time offers opportunities
❌ You want to survive by hiding under a blanket
❌ You think that others will solve all this shit
❌ You’re not ready to commit
❌ If you think you don’t have more to contribute than you do now
❌ If you’re not sure if you can handle your own stuff
❌ If you think you have to do everything alone

If you think you can wait around and there’s still time

Now only for € 247,- normally € 997,-
Your investment just 50 euro per day

Today I Rise! For every young corporate woman who wants to do her personal work and step into heart and leadership

We are doing this together!

Within Today I Rise you get daily support from Dr. Klara Adalena

Every day you can count on a shared Kick Off and new specific exercises to build energy and focus. There is a fixed rhythm and space for questions. With mutual support we open to the wisdom of the feminine and the heart. In the powerful live Focus and Obstacles sessions with Klara herself we move through blocking beliefs and step into energy, heart and focus.

Klara walks her talk and inspires through her leadership, vulnerable yet powerful beyond measure. Klara has guided groups of 800 people through breakthrough experiences into focus, heart and energy and is the founder of LoveKit, the program for c-suite women to find their life partner in 8 weeks with jaw-dropping results. Klara is a master at creating that sense of sisterhood and belonging.

From your side we expect commitment, engagement, being able to handle your own stuff, action taking and positive vibes. Because we do this together!

     There is no time to lose. Your people need you now.


We journey together Monday 11 January – Saturday 16 January

Off To Sea Session
: Mo. 11 January 7 -7.30pm
Daily Kickoffs: Tu. – Fri 6.30-6.55 am, Sat. 7 – 7.25am
Abundance Session: Tu 5- 6pm
Focus Session w Hot Seat: We 3 – 4 pm
Obstacle Session w Hot Seat: Thu 3 -4 pm
Rise Up Session: Fri 3- 4 pm
Springboard Session (end of Challenge): Sa. 3-4pm
Sharings, Meditations, Daily Playbook Exercises: whatever time is convenient
Extra’s: as is
Location: from home

A 5 day journey bringing you in a peak state of focus, heart and energy.

Your time investment per day:

25 min: early morning session – no recording
60 min: daily session, recorded – Tue & We w Hot Seat
45 min: sharing, meditation & playbook exercises – all in your own time

Plan in your calendar: Tue 6.30-7am & 5-6pm, We- Fri 6.30-7am & 3-4pm, Sat 7- 7.30am & 3-4pm, all times in CET


Invest now – so that you’re ready to do what’s needed.

Now only for € 247,- normally € 997,-
Your investment just 50 euro per day

⭐ Getting focused no matter what

⭐ Being a light and a rock for the people who depend on you

⭐ Heart and feminine leadership in this time of change

⭐ Practical, energized and fast

⭐ Connection and sisterhood with a c- suite community of women rising now

⭐ We do this together


My vision for what I have to offer isn’t clear yet, can I join?

Absolutely. We can’t think further than the people around us, and you’ll be surprised at the level of clarity you get in this process! Do you know that your people need something extra from you, that it’s about the heart, and do you feel the call? Now is the moment to jump and rise together.

I don’t really know what feminine leadership is and if it’s not an illusion

This sounds like your first barrier right here! What if you would allow the support of sisters and a strong leader and discover with an open mind and heart? You can always go back to normal, and this is a great opportunity to explore!

Is Breakthrough also for non- executives?

If you’re in middle management or running your own business, Breakthrough will inspire you to reach higher, connect to your heart and not settle for playing small. This is not for women who don’t hold leadership positions.

I don’t have Facebook, can I still join?

No, unfortunately not. To keep things simple we have chosen to offer this through a private, protected Facebook Community.

I can’t be there every day.

Everything will be recorded, so you can be flexible. The Breakthrough session is on Friday the 13th (how symbolic!), do what you can to plan that Friday free and be there live. The Facebook Community and the resources will be available for the whole week. Because it’s all about stepping up now we close it after 7 days.

How much time will this take daily?

The more you invest, the more you will get out of it. But most important is the quality of attention you bring to this. Already with an hour or even half an hour a day you will notice effects in focus, heart connection and energy.

I am just not sure if I’m ready for this.

Any idea when you WOULD be ready 😉 ? I believe there’s no better moment to rise than now. And here’s incredible support to break through whatever is holding you back. Build Momentum And The Momentum Carries You!

I have experienced reconnecting with myself, my essence in a loving way. I feel new energy and am committed to taking whatever actions are necessary.

The session with A. was just awesome. I loved this so much. Thank you for sharing this wisdom in action.

For the first time this morning I have truly fully experienced what it is to want from a place of abundance, not neediness.

I feel more alive and confident in myself. I found the fearless, courageous woman that I am. I feel lightness and excitement. I will walk tall and not be afraid to let myself be seen.

Wow this meditation was just what I needed – incredible, like you were reading my mind. Before this meditation I was trying to grasp at the goal, frustrated that it would be some many years away to achieve. After the meditation I remembered that the goal was born out of pleasure and the journey is the fun part, not having it or getting there. Thank you! Pure magic as alway.

I found HAPPINESS!!! … And relief from the prison I used to put myself into in order to not be seen or not to be different from others, to avoid criticism.

All what you sisters are sharing are aspects that relate to me and add to my own journey. You help me to not forget any important aspect. Sooo good to be connected.

It helps to hear that other women have similar thoughts and it’s so beautiful to see how we can inspire each other. I take so much away from it!

I loved that session! It was so powerful and I really felt, it is enough now with those beliefs. They have kept me back far too long!

I felt the warmth of all you sisters! Thank you and I’m grateful that I signed up here.

So much wisdom in here. Thank you Klara for giving us the key to our femininity. It feels like coming home to a way that’s finally working.

This helped me to face something I was avoiding for quite a while. Now I did it, made the phone call, and all is going to be ok. This is awesome to have the energy to just do it!

The future is NOW. It has already begun, because it is within me and I have already changed these days. I will move forward every day, step by step, until my goal is here.

Thank you Klara for creating this space for us, helping us to awaken our own breakthrough energy and seeing us in it.

Witnessing the other women sharing, has helped me to form my focus and my why and put it into action!

Thanks for the wonderful start into the day! The energy in the sister circle is getting stronger, yeah! Love to all of you. Have a magic day!

The 5 day breakthrough challenge really gave me the nudge and the courage I needed to make a change in my career. On Monday I resigned from my very stable (boring?!) job and on Friday I set up my own legal practice! I wanted to thank you for creating the space I needed. The most powerful exercise for me was thinking back to when a challenge was fun and exciting. That changed things around for me.

In everything I do, in every decision and choice I make, I will first ask myself whether I am doing this out of my self-love. And I will never  be without sisters anymore!

What a powerful morning session. Amazing how much focus and energy is released in my body. Thank you so much for this wonderful start of the day!

Mmh, this goes so deep, thank you all, it feels so good to connect to all of you, your tenderness and your power.

I see now how I kept myself small in my love life, hiding or grabbing, even though I rise to challenges at work – time now to start digging into my power and rising above these obstacles!!

This has helped me lean into the joyful side of life. I have the keys now to share love with those that are close to me, flirt more with any man, live with pleasure, dance, smile to myself, make pleasure sounds. I am excited!

I have now all the ingredients to coop with this change and acceptance, the vulnerability and transition that lead to an even more vital life, in all its forms

I now fully embrace my changing body, and without shame and consciously enjoy this transformative period. Ready to share the abundance with my lover, family, business partner and friends.

Thanks for what you put out into the world, Klara – this really helps and makes a positive difference.

It’s here for you.


A 5 day journey 11 – 16 January 2021 bringing you in a peak state of focus, heart and energy.

So that you’re ready for the New Year!

Now only for € 247,- normally € 997,-
Your investment just 50 euro per day