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Can I Share With You The € 53,500 Secret That Brings My Clients A Soulmate in 6 New Dates Or Less?

(No Catch, He’s Masculine, Committed, Heart Centered, and Wants Kids)

You Are Invited For An Exclusive Online Priestess of Love Event

This is an offer I know you don’t want to miss, but first let me tell you my clients go from being stuck for 1 to 15 years to finding a soulmate in 8 weeks and by going on just 6 dates or less, and read that again because it’s nothing short of a miracle 🙂

My clients go from being stuck for 1 to 15 years to finding a soulmate in 8 weeks – and this happens by going on just 6 dates or less – dates that are each of them inspiring, magical and uplifting.

Everything you wished for years is suddenly within reach  – and what’s more, you will feel like a true Priestess of Love and can move into a life of love, family and kids all while taking your impact and career to the next level.

In case you’re wondering, yes we use a unique blend of magic, Goddess power and revolutionary strategies and it gets my clients the life and love they want.

At the end of the training you will know exactly how this works and whether it can work for you, and if you’re not clear and inspired, just email us and we will send you back your money 🙂

Secret #1 Begin Before You’re Ready

Stop waiting until you’re ready and dare to be vulnerable

What I mean with being vulnerable is not sharing your drama LOL. But going for your dream and opening up to love always goes hand in hand with being vulnerable. Showing yourself and your truth. Being seen in your imperfection. Standing for what you believe in and opening your heart. Taking the risks of rejection, criticism, being laughed at. Vulnerable, yes, but also incredibly powerful. Men feel you can receive them and you start receiving.


Secret #2 The How Of Being Happier In Relationship Than Single

How To Never Again Lose Yourself In A Relationship AND Blow His Mind Again And Again

We think it was “just my ex”, but maybe you too recognize that your single times are more happy than your times in relationship (well, except the pink cloud weeks). Truth is, from your mind you can only create more of the same. Nothing new, nothing exciting. You become a shadow of yourself. Men – just like you- are craving something else. Raw, real. Original, sacred. And yes, feminine. 

It’s all inside of you, and you reach that layer when you go beyond your ego and allow the flow from earth, womb and your divine feminine. Live life to the max, are you in?

Secret #3 How To Cut Through The Noise And Become Your Man’s First Priority Even Before You Met

Make Great Men Appear As Out Of Thin Air With Revolutionary Strategies That You Will Love Doing

This time offers chances to find a soulmate like never before. To not delay, not settle but go now for the man who truly meets you heart, mind, body and soul. A man who is in his heart and cares about you, your message and the ripple you create. Who is standing next to you. But you do need to know how to find him. It’s possible within no time when you use these tools, insights and strategies.

2 Hours 15 Minutes Brimming With Love, Insights, Breakthroughs, AHA Moments & Opportunities

My goal with this training is to share my gift and get you on fire to try out the new magic and strategies and skyrocket yourself towards the confident Goddess you are – with a soulmate at your side.

This training is like the best of my materials together – and I tell you, my signature program Unleash & Attract is already crazy compact!

Love is priceless, finding a soulmate is more than priceless.

Dating is as many facetted as life, and a program of any worth needs to radically shift your relationship with the universe, yourself and meaningful others and help you let go of exes and bad experiences even before it adresses dating. My program is the most comprehensive on the planet AND I’ve been able to boil it down to an 8 week journey – a miracle in itself saving you months and years of confusion and going down the wrong lanes ( I know, time is precious and the biological clock is ticking…). It’s easily worth € 53,500 – even though I never charge that (well, not yet LOL).

In this training you get the grasp of it and you can choose your option to step into your Goddess, create your magic and get a soulmate now. This 2h 15 min training alone would easily be worth € 997, but right now I have an offer for you

I’m super excited that you just joined my world and I will offer you this now for a symbolic € 7. This is to contribute towards the costs of reaching you, so I don’t have to minimize on how many sisters I invite. It’s a LIVE small scale event, with 101 women max, join from anywhere, you will get on fire I promise and you can ask me questions personally.

Sign yourself up and shift things in your calendar around so you can be there.

Wednesday July 10th 5 – 7.15 pm Amsterdam time

(4 – 6.15pm London, 11 am – 1.15 pm Eastern)

I love creating events that offer great value AND are a moment of connection and love… super excited to have you there!

My Fire & Clarity Guarantee

My name Klara means Clarity, I love Fire, and my Fire & Clarity Guarentee is that when you don’t walk out:

  • on Fire to start dating a whole new way, as a whole new woman, and find a soulmate now
  • Crystal Clear on the new strategy for love and how this is bringing my clients a soulmate in 6 new dates or less
  • whether it can work for you
  • if yes, what are your first steps to make it happen

Then simply send me an email asking your E 7 back and we will refund, no questions asked.

Typically, a page like this ends with “this might be the best opportunity ever to move your love life forward and bring you a soulmate within weeks rather than MAYBE in months or years…” and this time, I dare to say that is absolutely true.

Be there, learn from Europe’s top mentor for professional women to find soulmate, love and kids and don’t be left behind as your friends move on with their lives.

Sign up now, mark your calendar and get excited!

1-click payment

From € 997 now for € 7, LIVE online event, Wednesday 10th July starting 5 pm CEST