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Love for Life Academy


Did you already apply to work with Klara? Listen to the stories of these amazing women… the love they found… the vibrancy of it… and the love and life lessons they want to share. Warning: these are all women who worked hard to get results, I am not implying you will get these results too. We bring real transformation and do not suggest there would be a quick fix to dating. In ANY program the level of results depends on your engagement, motivation, following the structure, asking questions, to name a few, and we guarantee no results. That being said, enjoy these stories of what is happening and shift your perspective of what is possible:

Daniela, Data Engineer, Germany (originally Columbia)

“From stuck to radiant… and in an amazing relationship!”

Megan, Head of Textile, UK

“I drastically shifted from dark unhealthy patterns into being an empowered woman, owning my feelings and finding my soulmate!”

Fabia, Project Manager, Switzerland

“Within 4 days of going on an app my now partner reached out to me”

Maria, Senior Contract Manager, Copenhagen

“How I got great men responding to my profile on POF within minutes”

Kate, Lawyer, London

“It was 100% worth it”

Rianne, Entrepreneur, Netherlands

“I knew him since 20 years… but I needed this to be ready”

Marina, Research & Innovation Team Leader, Netherlands:

“I took new actions, out of my comfortzone – now I feel stronger and it worked.”

Claire, Head Marketing Team, UK:

“I never knew the feminine could be so powerful.”

Maija, Airport Operational Manager, Denmark:

“Moving beyond my pattern of running away from love.”

Ozgun, PhD, Researcher, Belgium:

“From never having had a relationship to conscious, happy love.”

Margit, International Consultant, Germany:

“When I received another invitation for a wedding from a friend, I decided I would be at this one WITH a partner.”

L., Lawyer, Belgium

“I found a soulmate AND myself. Life is so much richer!”

Natascha, PhD, Medical Biological Research, Switzerland:

“From a bad marriage to an authentic happy relationship.”

Debi, Project Manager, Denmark:

“Experiencing that I suddenly started meeting great men on dating apps was like winning the lottery”

Mary, Surgeon, Greece:

“I have a message for you. I want to share this.”

Anna, Medical Specialist, Germany:

“I started to think there was something wrong with me – and then was married within 4 months”

Anouk, Entrepreneur, Netherlands

“I knew all I needed was a plan and guidance.”

B, Lawyer, Germany:

“When I shifted my mindset, it happened really quick. Totally happy.”

Rebecca, Online Entrepreneur, UK:

“Finally I was ready – he had been there all along.”

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We’ve Got Love Here

AO, Netherlands. Entrepreneur: It has been two weeks now and I say with insane confidence that we’ve got love here. And it comes from such a different place than it used to (not the needy one). And that’s what was so scary, I don’t know that kind of love. But I’m glad I stuck through it and I look forward to getting to know THIS type of love 


A Special Celebration

NW, Switzerland, Medical Scientist: Today I have a special celebration: N. said to me yesterday: I want to have a child with you next year.


Shared Passion

EM, Belgium. Corporate Marketing & Communication : I YESTERDAY met this amazing guy and we connected really well, and he had even said he could feel that ‘full loving heart of yours’, and after a wonderful night together in which we had discovered a shared passion for horse riding, he told me: ‘i’m going to be open to you, something is happening here and I am inviting you on a date to go horse riding with me this Saturday’.

Amazing Connection

NW, Switzerland. Medical Scientist: I feel soooo happy… N. got his airplane ticket to Brasil on the same flight as we are. and we are starting to plan the detail project. I used the communication technics from module 4 to tell him that I need to have a night for myself tonight. And although it didn’t feel natural for me, he responded that he loves the way I treat him. Isn’t that an awesome answer to a “no” 

Finding Him

LG, Netherlands. Medical Doctor: My biggest wins: Closing the circle with my ex. Finding the man I want to marry and spend the rest of my life with. Getting exclusive with him.


The Right Man Exists

CD, Netherlands. Biologist: Hey Lovekit sisters, just wanted to share I found my committed love! All of a sudden everything is different. He is giving me so much space, trust, and also stability, which helps me deal with my fears when they come up. I have had great difficulties feeling love these last years, but now slowly I feel I am opening up. And I enjoy every minute. It seems, the right man at the right time exists.  Wanted to share with you. 


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