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Unstoppable Alive Now

The Event for C-Suite Women To Break Through Limiting Beliefs, Find Sisterhood & Become Unstoppable In Love, Life, Sports & Work
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We are bringing together C-Suite Women and creating a True Experience of Breakthrough & Sisterhood like you have never seen before – and inviting you to take part!



80% of your results is your beliefs


The #1 Thing Holding Us Back Is Not Being Able To Make Decisions & Act Upon Them


New Actions Expand Your Life & Give New Results

Don’t Settle For Mediocre, Go For Extraordinary

Get The Love, Life, Sports & Work You Desire & Deserve

Overcome any fears holding you back and start living the life you desire at Unstoppable Alive Now. This 2-day event for c-suite women with Dr. Klara Adalena will help you unlock and unleash the forces inside you to break through your limitations, free your feminine and take ownership of your life. Unlike other personal development plans, Unstoppable Alive Now is an immersive, high energy experience that integrates proven strategies on mindset, awareness and the feminine to get an approach specifically designed for high performing c-suite women.

No matter what you want in life – joy, love, passion, fulfillment – Unstoppable Alive Now will give you the energy and focus to achieve it. Don’t settle for an ordinary life when you can create an extraordinary one! Commit to the ultimate weekend of breakthrough, sisterhood and energy and become unstoppable in love, life, sports and work.

A LIVE 3-Day Interactive Experience for The Corporate Woman – From Home

Valentine Edition 12 – 14 February 2021

Unstoppable Alive Now with Dr Klara Adalena

Your Path To Breakthrough Starts Here


“Where would we be if we listened to all those nay-sayers?

“Confidence is a skill and something you cultivate

“It’s me not showing up to myself that makes me lose confidence in myself. Where have you let yourself down in your life – even as everyone sees you as sussessful? Imposter syndrome is really me not showing up to myself. We c-suite women love progress, and Unstoppable Alive Now let’s you no longer use “can’t” but step into “I can” – and when the why is big enough, the how will reveal itself.”


Resources for Winners

Dets, Registration & Guarantee

Dates: 12- 14 February 2021 – Valentine Edition

Times: Subject to change without prior notice

Format: This is a revolutionary, interactive concept that is from home yet unlike any virtual event you’ve ever been to. You will be asked to turn on your video, join the chat and there’s a possibility for hot seats where you turn on audio too. There will be opportunities for small group work in breakout rooms. This is sisterhood, experience, soul, connection, energy, breakthrough, peak state, heart, total. This is true experience and transformation.

No recording:  there will be no recording, it’s all about the live experience.

Breaks, Food & Drinks: make sure you have prepped meals and healthy snacks ready. Klara follows the energy and momentum so be ready to be flexible on times of breaks.

What to bring: you will receive an event workbook. Also bring pen, paper, comfy clothes and energy. You will be asked to turn on your camera so Klara can actually see your responses so you might want to think about your background 😉

Excited Guarantee: If after the first morning you don’t feel excited and on fire, you can ask 100% of your money back.

The Story

I remember dating a man 40 years ago and we both loved sailing. When we broke up I lost my sailing mates. But I took a decision: “He’s on the lakes, I will go on the sea”. I had never skippered a yaught at sea, but next summer, I made my first crossing of the North Sea. Before we left the harbor, I said to my crew: “I have never done this – yet I am absolutely certain we will land safely at the other side”.

I didn’t know where this certainty was coming from. Neither did I realize then how this would shape my life, making me go into uncharted territories again and again. I proved myself getting a PhD in theoretical physics, I stood on the flanks of Mount Everest, guided fire walks – and I started the first Priestess Training Program in Netherlands. I am now one of Europe’s best paid Love & Dating Mentors, and in my signature program c-suite women find love in 8 weeks.

Excellence and high performance are the air I breathe, and it took me a long time to realize that unique and powerful as all my achievements are – the biggest power is that what pushes me to turn setbacks into wins. It is this power that I will be sharing in Unstoppable Alive Now so you can turn your setbacks into amazing wins.

How To Prepare

Spend time beforehand on the following questions. Be honest.

Love: Where is your love life now? Where would you like it to be? What is holding you back to close the gap?

Life: How is the sense of aliveness, energy, soul and magic moments in your days? How much time do you have for a personal life? What would this ideally look like? Have you given up on that and if so, why? What is holding you back to have it all now?

Sports: What are your health, sports and fitness goals? How are you moving towards them and what progress are you making? How would you feel if you would actually hit your goals?

Work: At what level are your career, impact and finances and how much effort does this take every day? What is the potential you know you have regarding impact, income and ease? What is stopping you?

Beliefs: what are the beliefs you hold? What limiting beliefs? What supportive beliefs?

Create an Unstoppable Alive Now journal and write about these questions every night. We are going to shift some beliefs and boost your energy!


Your Investment: E 2995 (VAT may apply)

Right now: pre-launch offer E 247 (VAT may apply)


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Valentine Edition – 12- 14 February 9.30 am – 5pm CET