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After Just 2 Days You Break Through Limitations, Unleash Your Full Potential & Build Momentum In Dating, Love, Life & Career

2 Day Live Event For Audacious Corporate Women

Join from home
February 12- 13, 2021

After Just 3 Days You Break Through Limitations, Unleash Your Full Potential & Build Momentum In Dating, Love, Life & Career

3 Day Live Event For Audacious Corporate Women

Join from home
February 12- 14, 2021

Maybe you have forgotten,

Crisis makes us

Tired of letting circumstances restrict you? Inside you, lives unlimited potential, a passionate lover, an amazing mom, a pleasure-loving woman, a visionary leader… and it may seem, that right now you just have to wait till the storm is over and settle for  the small life that seems to be all that remains.

I say, NO! Crisis is opportunity, and no outer circumstances can dictate your life, ever. Now is the very moment to go find that life partner, go share those feminine leadership skills, go start that new project. Dream big, go for your goal, and we are here to help unleash the powers and strategies you need. Opportunities are all around us, and somewhere a man, a project, a team is waiting for you.

May the

you stand up

May The

you stand up

As corporate women, we know the fulfillment of going for the top, we developed our high performance habits, we ride the wave of our success. Yet:



You miss the one thing you always thought would come by itself: a partner on your level, the certainty of a shared future, family, kids.


Or maybe you know you’re meant to be the one running this company, but you’re stuck on the level below C-Suite.


But then, maybe you are that CEO, but you feel like it’s an uphill battle and it’s wearing you out.


Or, you are wondering when you will have proven yourself enough and can start leading the way YOU want.

You had always thought “it would come”, but 2020 showed you to take nothing for granted, and in your darker hours you wonder whether the man, the kids, the company will never be yours.

Break through limitations

unleash your full potential & be

Break through limitations,

unleash your full potential & be

This was exactly the place I was in 30 years ago and I set off on a journey to discover my true potential as a woman. I experienced initiations on mountain tops and in secret gatherings, I danced under full moons and drummed at fire rituals. For the past 25 years I guided talented, successful badass women on similar journeys, and I distilled the 5 shifts that get a woman in her own unique power.

In 2016 I knew the time was right to show women how to use the 5 shifts to go beyond limitations, unleash your radiant woman and have the love, life and career you want. I have founded *CORPORATE WOMEN ON FIRE* and have helped hundreds of corporate women find a man at their level, stop settling for 2nd best, and step into the most fulfilling relationship ever (even if that scared the hell out of them before).

I work for successful single corporate women who have their life together careerwise, financially and lifestyle but are missing that one amazing person to share their life with. And what I see over and over, is how they put on a brave face to the world but are suffering inside.

Loneliness is hiding in the corner, and as we are now driven to work and live from home, our biggest enemy lives right with us.

For what truly keeps us stuck, whether it’s in dating or career, the real reason we are not living the dream and potential we know we came here for…

… is that we tell ourselves 2nd best is good enough. We settle!

We create our little comfortzone and what was meant as a coping mechanism actually holds us back from the very life we want. The only way out is the way in, and Unstoppable Alive Now is my invitation to you to face your limitations and rise, to remember there’s a better life waiting and to become unstoppable in manifesting the partner, relationship, life, and career you desire. Why settle for ordinary when you have everything to be extraordinary? Why crawl when you can fly?

2 Days of

breakthroughs and transformations

3 Days of

breakthroughs and transformations

Join us in our vibrant, ground shaking 2 day event Unstoppable Alive Now and break through your limitations, unleash your full potential and start flying in dating, love, life and career.

We are gathering with a tribe of extraordinary corporate trailblazers, inspiring women with a mission and a vision, intent to leave the world better than they found it and have a great time while they are here.

We will be raw and real, learn new skills and feminine secrets, expand our vision of what’s possible, we will laugh, cry, breakthrough, dance and connect from our hearts. Together we will create 2 days of magic, go beyond our small selves, stand tall and play big and become a force to be reckoned with.

We are the women we have been waiting for, and we’re here to forge a new style of dating, awaken the power of sisterhood and develop feminine leadership.

Love will guide us and if you’re a corporate woman serious about breaking through stuckness and leading your best life in every area of your life, than Unstoppable Alive Now is your opportunity to throw off the visible and invisible layers holding you back, break through to your greatness and get the partner, love, life and career you want.

Imagine you being my next

I Decided to join Unstoppable because I was in a place of frustration over the obstacles between me and my goals just getting bigger. I kept being bored on my dates anyhow, and now with the lockdowns I was  not seeing a way through anymore.

Unstoppable was pure magic, I realized I was grasping and came back to enjoying and pleasure, I have tons of new ideas about zoom dating, I feel confident  and yes, I am having dates more inspiring and sparkly than ever!


At work I was doing my success trainings, in dating I was following some youtube channels, but nothing felt like it truly resonated with me. I joined Unstoppable because I sensed a different approach here.

After these 3 days filled with wisdom in action, I know that I found the key to my femininity, and I am coming home to a way that is finally working. I feel excited  and confident to go back to dating and my team.


Wow, I love each day more than the one before! This is so powerful and I really feel now, it is enough with those beliefs that have kept me back for so long.

I feel the warmth of all you sisters and am so grateful that I signed up!


Note: In respect of the privacy of our clients on this page we use real quotes, but only first names and not real pictures.

You can have it all:

Someone at your level, true love, together on a mission, unstoppable!

By the end of these 2 days you will be on fire with your life, and you will have the exact tools and know the exact steps you need to take to find a partner on your level, fulfill your mission and leave a legacy of love and success.

Why Unstoppable Alive Now Is Different

This is different because you are different. Most success programs have been developed with men in mind. Most dating programs were developed with women in mind who earn less and are less successful than their future partner.

You are the first generation who truly doesn’t need a man in any way, and for whom the glass ceilings have lifted and who can be as successful as you choose.

I meet you right there. I was the first woman to get a Ph D cum laude in theoretical physics at Utrecht University. I was also the first in the Netherlands to start a program on the sacred feminine and sisterhood. It’s been my life mission to uncover the 5 shifts that connect a woman to her full feminine power, and to uncover the path to love, success and a fulfilled life for women at the top.

Since 2016 I feel ready to share these shifts and steps and every woman who works with me tells me: “this is different. You get me.”

Unstoppable Alive Now is not for everyone. This is for corporate women who have developed the mindset and habits of success, have the income and position to prove it, and are looking for the next step in love, life and work.

This is for you who wants to meet sisters on the path, is ready to play full out, combine power with vulnerability, action taking with meditation, and go beyond the story that we couldn’t have it all – and beyond any other limiting belief, for that matter.

Less than 50 years ago, it was still thought that women were not fit to lead big companies and men were still looking for partners who earned less than them. Unstoppable is different because we navigate new territory with tools and concepts that come outside of our current paradigm, from ancient wise priestesses, from shamanism, and from tantra. Unstoppable is different because we uncage our tiger, step into our fierce warrior, yet also sit in silence and bring awareness that every detail is important and needs to be acknowledged.

Above all, Unstoppable is different because Klara is different: sometimes called the feminine version of Tony Robbins, she combines high energy peak states and powerful group energy with subtle awareness. Klara has an incredible eye for detail and can help you see exactly where, when and how you give your power away. Do people call you controlling but you never saw why? Did partners find you intimidating and you couldn’t get it? With Klara, you will see exactly what creates these dissonance. With Klara you get AHA moments that will inform you for the rest of your life and you get the insights, tools and energy to take your life in your hands now.


When you come to Unstoppable Alive Now:



You break through limitations in ANY area of your life AND get the tools to keep breaking through at home


You see where in love, life and work you are still settling and you make conscious choices what areas of your life you will change this year


You are part of an amazing group of powerful, inspiring women and truly feel that you’re part of a movement of women rising, and you make connections for life


You awaken your feminine without making you cringe


You come out of your mind into your feelings and heart, so you can feel whole and attract love and success from a place of abundance

The best way to fast-track your life is to learn from a mentor who gets you and be among women who live the kind of life you do. Klara’s events attract succesful corporate women who are leaders and high-achievers, who know the world needs women and who are stepping up and making a big impact. You learn from each other and things that seem totally out of bound now, become within reach when you meet other women living that kind of authenticity, love, success, and impact.

Unstoppable is priceless and many women come back because they see this has saved them from making wrong choices, guided them to dream bigger, created synchronicities, and altogether let them step up and get powerful new positions, double their income, meet the man of their life, and experience true, committed love.

The only question is, will you muddle on another year or will you come home to your best life now?

Join Klara and become

I take personal trainers and classes to reach my skiing goals, so it made sense to invest in a mentor to reach my love goal too. I had been stuck in dating for 5 years, and something needed to change.

I am so glad I found Klara, it couldn’t have worked out better, I truly shifted something inside, attracted my now partner on my first date, and from the second date on we both knew. We’re celebrating our first baby now and hopeful for a second.


Work, friends, sex, everything was fine… so I decided all I needed was the right help and I knew committed love would follow too.

It was astonishing that this process of Klara simply works, and on the same dating apps that I was before now I met my perfect man. But what surprised me even more, was how confident I felt at work and my income literally doubled!


Everybody kept  asking me why a great woman like me was still single, and to be honest I couldn’t figure it out. It was like a whole new world opened when I came to Klara, I got such fun inspirations, I started to see where I had been holding myself back, and I started to enjoy dating and attract great dates.

Now, I’m over the moon, happily married to my big love and celebrating our daughter.


Note: In respect of the privacy of our clients on this page we use real quotes, but only first names and not real pictures.

Day 1


Like no other Klara gets the group to shake loose all those old beliefs that keep us accepting sh*t and crumbs, and to open up to what is truly possible for you. Hint: you wouldn’t desire it if it wasn’t possible.

Physics was stuck end of 19th century, because they thought they knew it all. A few geniuses who set out to solve seemingly trivial remaining questions, discovered the whole new world of quantum mechanics and relativity. It opened a new era of freedom in art, science and politics.

Prepare for a similar journey where you allow the pull of your heart to overthrow beliefs you held for truth and root yourself firmly in a wider universe. What would it mean for your life if you could trust everything was possible for you and the universe holds your back?


The one thing that sets apart people who thrive under ANY circumstances, and how to become that person


Practical tools and high energy sessions to come out of your mind and find back your true compass in love and life: your feelings


How to keep growing and expanding without it becoming pushing, exhausting or fighting.


An infallible 3- Step sequence to take back your power whatever the circumstances, whoever you are dealing with, whenever you need it.


Identify and eliminate the 6 most common beliefs holding us back from our greatness and keeping us stuck in mistrusting the feminine.


And, all of this combined with dance, laughter, and intimate sessions in breakout rooms. Forget that online events would be boring or tiring!

By the end of Day 1, you feel feminine and whole, you are on fire with what is possible in your life, energy is high and ideas are starting to bubble on first steps you can take.


Day 2


But what when an obstacle hits your path? We can know that everything is possible, yet challenges will always present themselves, and how you show up in those moments is the difference between an ordinary and an extraordinary life.

Day 2 is all about unleashing the power within to have what it takes to be stronger than any obstacle. If Day 1 is about stretching your knowing of what is possible, Day 2 is about accessing and owning the power to manifest it.

Day 1 takes you from your mind into your emotions, and Day 2 continues the journey into your body. After generations of objectification of the feminine body, and building on the shift to honor every unique expression of the feminine body, we now access her unlimited wisdom and power.


How to turn obstacles into challenges, and challenges into gifts, and become stronger than any obstacle you could meet.


Understanding what feminine power really is, how we have let ourselves be robbed of it and how to break through that cycle now and experience yourself and your sisters in a new way.


The critical role of energy in any transformation process and a profound process to double your energy in 30 minutes.


What true love really is, the relational universe and leaving behind loneliness and separation for good


Stepping up into your new life, setting the wheels in motions and building momentum


What the mirror principle really means and why dating is the biggest teacher of all.


Why every woman needs sisterhood and mentoring and practical tips to have this in your life now.

By the end of Day 2, you truly feel unstoppable, you are crystal clear on your new life, and you have the tools to go back to this state again and again.


Evening Session Day 2

Start anticipating
for an unforgettable evening

Start anticipating

an unforgettable evening

Ending with silent time together to integrate a full day

I’m with you!

Live Event Ticket

€ 247


I want to join this life-changing event for only € 247 (VAT may apply), that is 90% off the regular investment!


Frequently Asked

What do you mean, Live from my home? Is that just a zoom?

This was exactly my question when I joined Tony Robbins’ first online version of UPW. I was totally shocked and surprised at how immersive it was! It was there and then that I knew how to create my online events, and before the event was over I had written out my first online 2-day event.. and had 3 women signed up too!

Expect yourself to dance, connect from your heart, laugh, cry, have intimate moments and all these things that we do on live events, but now without the hassle and costs of booking flights, renting cars and checking into hotels.

Do NOT expect you will have time for laundry, checking email, or whatsapping with friends,. You will be on fire and to get the full breakthroughs and transformations, you will want to be fully present.

Get some pre-cooked meals, water, pen and paper and a quiet place with good internet where you can move, lie down, sit and write.

Reaching goals, dating, during lockdowns... What do you mean?

I was thrilled to the bone when one of my clients, aged 38 and wanting true love and kids, shared: “my friends are totally freaking out, like these lockdowns are the WORST that could happen. But I am thriving! I feel more alive and in my power than ever before, and I attract super interesting men and know the one will be here soon. And this is due to you and your teachings, Klara, I just want you to know that.”

Always remember, it is not our circumstances that define us, but how we choose to respond. We will be covering this in-depth on Day 1 and these 3 days will mark a before and after in how you deal with the lockdowns and other challenges in your life. Whether it’s work, dating, or love!

My goal is work related, will this only be about dating?

We’ve got you, whatever your goal is! My mission is to support women at the top lead their most fulfilling and impactful lives. Participants have gotten huge clarity on work goals during these 3 days, and taken steps to change direction, apply for a position they first thought out of their lead (AND get it!), and how to implement feminine leadership. The process of Unstoppable works whatever your goal is: dating, love, life or work – even sports!

My goal is dating, but nothing works for me, why would this?

I hear you, and giving up hope on something as big as love means there’s been a lot of pain. But listen, this process is different from anything you’ve done because it aligns with the psyche, mindset and lifestyle of hyper successful high achieving women.

Most of my clients had been stuck in dating for 5, 10 or even 15 years before they found me.. to then find the love of their life in weeks or months.

We tap into the unconcious, create high energy states that boost through limitations, we listen and alltogether create a powerful container for breakthroughs and transformations that has proven itself to work.

With Unstoppable you get a powerful tool and being succesful in dating – and any other area of your life – truly becomes a choice. Any corporate woman who has the rest of her life in order and is committed, coachable and resourceful can do this!

How do I know if this is for me?

There’s a new style of women: attacking the corporate ladders while keeping their hearts and souls open. Women who don’t need a man because they are totally capable of generating income, buying houses, planning their retirement, upholding their spiritual development, setting goals, and everything in between. Women who choose love from a place of abundance, discover that no existing dating strategies work for them and are out to discover what does. I call this: “Corporate Women on Fire”. This event is specifically for this group to discover how you can meet your unique challenges and keep moving beyond and above.

Think C-Suite but also the ones about to go there, 6 and 7 figure entrepreneurs, etc.

Women on all my events rave about being surrounded by a tribe of high-achieving, successful and likeminded sisters, strong authentic heart centered women committed to growth and transformation.

How can you offer so much for such a low fee?

That’s the business woman right there and I love that question! Basically, I offer other in depth training programs where I make my revenue, and this is an opportunity for me to give back to my community and for you to taste my work at a nobrainer investment.

I know that some of the women here will get so much out of it that they will want to work with me now or in the future, and other women will simply love it and get a lot of value but never come back, and it’s all OK.

This is about creating win win win situations for all involved.

This actually sounds just right, what do I need to join?

Many women who joined before considered it one of the best choices in their life so congrats for joining us! Basically, all you need is good internet and a quiet place big enough to move, but how about pampering yourself with some prepped meals and some cosy warm fleeces? Also, I strongly suggest doing this on a laptop, mac or pc and not on a tablet or phone, as you get more of the immersive experience. Tell your team not to disturb you, open up to the journey and you’re going to have an amazing 3 days!

I'm in, how do I sign up and how does it work from there?

Whoohoo, that’s my action taker! Click the pink button on the top right of the page (on a phone you need to click the 3 lines top right to see it), register, pay and you’re in, it’s that simple. We take credit cards, paypal and also IDEAL or other national payment systems. You will receive a confirmation email with invoice.

In a second email you receive further instructions and the link to the facebook group where we connect and share. We open the fb group about 10 days before the start, go to the group asap to connect with sisters and build up momentum. You will find some cool ideas there to start before we start 🙂

The Unstoppable event is

for you if…


You’re single, you lead an amazing life but you want to have true love and  a family and you can’t fathom why love should be so hard as everyone tells you you’re a great catch – and you’re resolved to find out and break through before the stress about age and kids gets too big.


You have a relationship and you remember thinking he was the love of your life, but somehow you’re not sure anymore, passion is dwindling and cold is creeping in. You want to do what you can do to give love a chance, as you know that your patterns will follow you in the next relationship anyhow.


You are dating and know that to make it work, you need to be more feminine and vulnerable, but most trainings on that make you cringe and appear to be for a very different kind of woman.


You love personal growth, you’re ready for your next career move and want to prepare yourself in every possible way for that jump to C-Suite.


Your team is encountering extra challenges during lockdowns and working from home, and you know in your heart what is needed and are looking for empowerment to actually pull it off.


Your want to boost your energy and keep moving, especially now.


Live – join from home – 12 – 13 February 2021 (Valentine weekend)


Start & End Times

Note: All times are CET (For UK, subtract 1 hour)

Please keep in mind, the schedule below is an indication and slight changes can occur.

Sessions typically are 90 minutes, with shorter breaks inbetween and a longer lunch break. We kick off each day with dance and movement!


Friday February 12thGeneral Session9.30am- 5pm
Saturday February 13thGeneral Session1.30pm- 5pm
Saturday February 13thEvening Session7pm- 8.30pm
Sunday February 14thfreefree


You need good internet and It’s best to join on a laptop, mac or pc  to get the full immersive experience. There will be no recordings as this is all about the live experience.

Please be in time and be ready to break through limitations and go big.

Women on all my events rave about being surrounded by a tribe of high-achieving, successful and likeminded sisters, strong authentic heart centered women committed to growth and transformation.


I’m with you!

Live Event Ticket

€ 247


I want to join this life-changing event for only € 247 (VAT may apply), that is 90% off the regular investment!


What this really means

right now…

What this really means

Right Now…

A quick recap of what you’re going to get:


Your guide Klara Adalena taking you through breakthroughs, lifechanging strategies, letting you become an unstoppable, radiant and fully expressed woman.


An inspiring tribe of sisters who are continuously challenging themselves, empowering each other and creating more fulfilling relationships, lives and careers.


The boost you have been looking for to free yourself from limiting stories and become the woman who has it all, love and success, fulfillment and pleasure.

I’m with you!

Live Event Ticket

€ 247


I want to join this life-changing event for only € 247 (VAT may apply), that is 90% off the regular investment!