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Past few years I have helped many dreams come true. For myself and my clients. Making the impossible happen – in finance, impact, love.

Because of immense energy and focus. We are capable of way more than we think. It’s all about breaking through limiting beliefs and getting into peak state and flow.

Right now, I have an amazing offer for you: 2 days of virtual immersion, breakthrough, energy and sisterhood – after this, you will never doubt that you can do anything and have anything.

We can have it all, career, love, finance, impact and above all pleasure.

You will see this offer nowhere else: 50% off the best current investment level (early bird, regular, VIP).

  • You connect to your highest self
  • You move through your beliefs and limitations effortlessly
  • You feel the true extent of your energy
  • Dare to set higher goals
  • Surrender to the guidance of your heart and hear her loud and clear
  • Your mindset will never be the same again
  • You get clarity on your mission
  • Connect deeply to sisters and never feel alone again
  • An incredible boost to manifest the love, life, finance and impact you deserve
  • A leap of trust in yourself and life
  • Become a magnet for the right people and opportunities, in love and business
  • Manifest with ease and joy
  • Lead with new confidence and clarity
  • You stand for the woman and leader you are
  • you are ON FIRE and UNSTOPPABLE



A radically new virtual immersion offering you the support and inspiration to be support and inspire your people.

27 & 28 November

No recordings, it’s all about the experience

Total Value € 1997,- 



  • Together we create an incredble high energy container ’cause energy is the motor for change
  • I guide you step by step to identify the beliefs that hold you back and connect to what is possible
  • You realize you’ve always set the bar too low and a new vision for your life as a woman opens
  • You make sisters for life as we are brutally honest with ourselves and reconnect to the truths and longings of when we were young
  • It’s an online from home event, yet you will experience an intimacy with sisters and yourself like never before
  • You understand that as circumstances become more challenging, your power rises and you know how to tap into it
  • You get clarity and inspirations to support your team and enhance relationships – even when the team works online
  • For executives and other high level women leading a team, department, or company
  • Understanding there never was a glass ceiling and you can have it all en be it all
  • A sense of home, connection, wholeness like you’ve always been looking for – finally
  • I am expanding from being a love and dating mentor to a mindset mentor. We go all the way <3
  • ‘Cause the world needs us now and there is no more playing small – the world needs women who trust their heart and bring their own unique message of heart and connection – so here’s an exceptionally powerful offer
  • With my excitement guarantee: If you’re not absolutely excited after the first morning, you can mail us dring the lunchbreak on Friday and get 100% refund.